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Natrol is a culture of innovation, inclusion and motivation. Our world-class management team cares passionately about the products we create with our primary focus on helping people to enjoy healthier and more productive lives. Every new product we develop, every ingredient we use, every bottle we fill is designed to help enrich the health of our communities and our world.

Importantly, we have a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of leading PhDs who specialize in sleep and cognitive research. Natrol’s Scientific Advisory Board is the critical cornerstone to Natrol maintaining its science-based approach to product innovation.

We welcome you to talk to us about joining our team. Please check out our Work With Us section to get in touch.


Andrew Houlberg, Head of Company
Andrew Houlberg

Head of Company

Len Guberer, Head of Sales
Len Guberer

Head of Sales

David Hilton, Head of R&D/Regulatory/Tech-Ops
David Hilton

Head of R&D and Regulatory

Mark Cruz, Head of Supply Chain
Mark Cruz

Head of Supply Chain

Edcel Ladiona, Head of Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Edcel Ladiona

Head of QA/QC

Claudia Calix, Head of Human Resources
Claudia Calix

Head of Human Resources

Dwayne Chrest, Head of Operations
Dwayne Chrest

Head of Operations

Inna Korikhman, Head of Finance
Inna Korikhman

Head of Finance

Harel Shapira, Head of Marketing
Harel Shapira

Head of Marketing


Helen J. Burgess, PhD
Helen J. Burgess, PhD
  • Professor
  • Co-Director, Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Michael A. Grandner, PhD M.T.R.
Michael A. Grandner, PhD M.T.R.
  • Director, Sleep And Health Research Program
  • Director, Behavioral Sleep Medicine Clinic
  • Assistant Professor Of Psychiatry, Psychology, And Medicine
  • University Of Arizona College Of Medicine