Natrol President’s blog: Welcome to Wellness
May 13, 2020
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How has Natrol been affected by COVID-19?

Natrol employee get temperature taken before entering facilityFirst, Natrol wishes everyone continued health and well being during this difficult time. COVID-19 (CV19) is far from gone and until a proven vaccine is developed, herd immunity is achieved, or effective medical treatments are provided; our private and public lives will simply not be the same and perhaps will never again be the same.

Many industry sectors have been affected dramatically by the pandemic, either negatively or positively. Natrol’s industry sector—vitamins and supplements—has grown dramatically because consumers are, now more than ever, looking for ways to reduce the risk of catching the virus or lessening its impact if contracted. Natrol, as a pioneer in developing high quality nutraceuticals for better health and wellness, is deemed an essential business and has never stopped operations since the CV19 outbreak.

Natrol entrance disinfectant stationHere is the status of our business since February:
  • Natrol sales have surged dramatically as distributors, especially “onliners” (online retailers), have placed orders sometimes twice as large as normal.
  • Natrol production facilities have been running at full capacity.
  • Non-production employees are working remotely.
  • We’re sharing best practices with our business-to-business partners, and also learning from them.
  • We’re taking all required and additional safety measures in our production facilities:
    • Extra cleaning and sanitizing to ensure the cleanest and safest environment.
    • Social distancing.
    • Medical grade masks required.
    • Mandatory temperature checks for all employees prior to entering.
    • Visitors not allowed inside.
    • Employees who feel unwell stay home, visit their medical professional and follow their guidance.
    • Confirmed CV19 cases are sent home to monitor and self-isolate, and contact tracking is performed.
Masks are mandatory at Natrol facilitiesAs a result, Natrol is meeting and exceeding all state and national government regulations.

We also want to announce that in early April 2020, we added the ability for consumers to purchase all Natrol products directly from us on This direct-to-consumer distribution channel guarantees our customers the freshest Natrol products available anywhere and makes it extra easy and safe to get products while sheltering at home.

Not surprisingly due to current demand, many of our favorite Immune and Antioxidant Health Support products such as Immune Boost, Easy-C, Quercetin Complex, and Zinc, are temporarily out of stock. But we are working hard to refill those inventories and maintain them in stock for the unforeseeable future.

As a societally concientious company, Natrol is also finding that as we are learning to productively work remotely--via phone, email, and various video and screen sharing apps—the collateral benefits are helping to improve the planet's health. With reduced commuter driving miles comes reduced oil consumption resulting in reduced air pollution levels. A health and wellness change we can all welcome.

To conclude, everyone at Natrol wishes you and your loved ones the best during these difficult times. Stay safe, and help stop the spread! If you have any questions about our operations, please feel free to contact us.